lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

resident artist

Last year I made a proposal to a very good photographer (and even better friend), Juan Baraja. He discovered Lisbon and wanted to make a project about the city. I love his work and I decided to offer him an exchange: he would became myhomeinlisbon's resident artist, and as an exchange, we will use a selection of the images he takes for the lisbon walks guide we are preparing.

He started spending a few days just moving around with friends, taking some images and enjoying while discovering this amazing city.

He came back in summer and then real work started. I went with him to a few places and it was really amazing to see who he works and to share this time with him.

Then he came back in autumn and this time he made the most and best of his job...

...while having time to prepare delicious Spanish Tortilla de patata for dinner.

Last friday I receive a present from him, it was a box containing 31 beautiful images in small size, printed in thick cotton paper. They were the best protrait I've seen of this city in years. Leaving on a side the obvious images we all have of tiles, Tagus river views, trams and colored buildings, his portrait of Lisbon shows the non visible skin of the city. When you look at them, you can feel exactly the same feeling you'll experience while getting lost through the streets of Mouraria, Graça, Estefania, Alcántara...

Now the layout of the guide is in process,
and friends requested to give us their favorite walks in their neighborhoods.
It's time to start drawing the map,
and work it out to have it ready almost next Christmas!!